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Posted by Admin on October 09, 2016
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Get New Jersey Car Insurance QuotesTalking to an older driver

No one likes to think they are too old to drive, not even senior citizens.  One of the biggest fears of older drivers is the day when they must hand over their keys. And while many older Americans are not necessarily too old to drive, it is important that they recognize the effects of aging on their driving performance.

The older driver does not react or respond as quickly to threats when the drive. He or she will move a little more slowly in an emergency. They are more easily distracted, find it a bit harder to focus and can even get a bit confused on the road.

That is why older drivers are higher risks. They have a disproportionate number of accidents and therefore more claims than most other age groups. That is an actuarial statistic: a fact.  And that is why older drivers often pay more for the same coverage when they get New Jersey car insurance quotes.

But there is a way to mitigate that higher cost. It is by taking a mature driver course.  These courses are offered by the AARP and the National Safety Council and they are good reminders that we can always brush up on our driving skills. Often, companies will discount premiums if the older driver has taken one of these courses.

There are other ways older drivers can be safer on the road and that is to load up their vehicle with safety technology.  Today, all sorts of driver assists are available in new cars.  The rear view camera is now becoming a standard on many cars—it’s an easy way to be sure you are not going to hit someone behind you. One of the very best new technologies is blind-spot detectors—which will let you know if someone is adjacent in your blind spot.  Anti-lock brakes and assisted braking are also good options to have on your car.

And fortunately, many companies will provide premium discounts for high tech safety features.

Aging is just a fact of life and so are the impacts on driving performance. It’s hard to accept that we don’t do something as well as we did 40 years ago, as any senior citizen can tell you. By following these tips, you can stay in the driver’s seat safely as long as possible.

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