‘Blue Diamond’ Sea Vacation

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Holiday has become a necessity for modern humans, in particular for those who live and work in the major cities. The pressure from work and the bill on the need to be a particular pressure to deal with. Such forces produce the effects of stress and depression. If you feel stressed and depressed, do not contact your doctor or psychologist immediately. Let us take time off and holiday with your loved ones. A vacation to the sea can be an excellent choice because the view of blue side dishes and white sand beaches can refresh the eyes that saturated with the notice of the building.

Some beaches with the beautiful blue sea that you can visit like Maldives Beach in Maldives. Perfect for couple honeymoon as because this beach equips with luxury resorts and exclusive. The next is Horseshoe Beach in Bermuda, and even this beach gets the nickname as the best beach in the Caribbean islands. With crystal clear water, white sand, and warm temperatures perfect for a relaxing sunbathing holiday. Then there is also Lanikai Beach in Hawaii, the name Hawaii itself is famous for its character as a beautiful tropical region in mainland America. Visited the Southeast Asia such as Indonesia also has a beautiful beach on the island of Bali, namely Ungasan Beach.

Next is Tulum Beach in Mexico complete with historical sites from the Aztecs. Whitehaven beach in Australia is also strongly recommended because as the name implies, this beach is full of white sand that is ready Poker Online to pamper the eyes. White sand beaches with the crystal-clear blue sea are the character of tropical regions, such as Brazil with the coast of Fernando de Noronha. The Gorgeous beach is hiding behind huge coral, but the extraordinary beauty of this beach can make you forget for a moment finished work and saturated skyscrapers.

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